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The surging economy has increased the demand for office and administration employees. As organizations grow and expand, they are adding more of these imperative roles — which help ensure a company’s profitability and success. These workers are increasingly asked to take on more responsibilities, so candidates with specific business training and experience will have a competitive advantage for some of the most popular positions. With thousands of job openings all across the country, the need for these professionals remains strong in both large and small markets.


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The role of an administrative assistant goes beyond the traditional stereotype of a secretary. These professionals may be responsible for managing calendars, taking meeting minutes, preparing travel arrangements and handling expense reports. Candidates for this role must have exceptional organizational and time management skills. Some administrative assistants can really be classified as administrative professionals. Administrative assistants often find themselves wearing many hats and juggling tasks. They're often tasked with keeping track of budgets and ensuring all departments adhere to the funds they've been allocated. 

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Administrative assistants earned a median salary of $33,910 in 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The best-paid made approximately $51,520 a year, while the lowest-paid made about $20,870.  The highest earners work in the metropolitan areas of San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose, California.


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While a college degree isn't required, many employers seek administrative assistants with some kind of certification. For nearly any administrative assistant, good writing and verbal communication skills are required, as well as experience with computers, word processing and spreadsheets. Also, excellent typing and ten-key proficiency is a must, as well as basic bookkeeping, telephone, organization, and time management skills.