Income Tax Preparer   

Job -Training 


Course Description

This training is a non-degree certificate program designed to provide practical, hands-on, and real-world job skills as a tax preparer. Students learn how to prepare income tax returns for individuals and small businesses, be able interview clients to obtain information applicable to taxable income and deductible expenses and allowances, and compute taxes owed or overpaid. Completion of this program prepares the student to apply for take the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) exam to become certified to prepare California tax returns.


Career Education and Skills

Specific skills include, but not limited to, interviewing clients, prepare or assist in preparing simple to intermediate income tax returns for individuals and/or small businesses, compute taxes owed or overpaid, using adding

machines, computers, and software, follow tax form instructions and tax tables. Technology skills include basic computerized tax preparer software, electronic mail software, and keyboarding and ten-key proficiency. Knowledge skills include an understanding of federal and state income laws and regulation, principles and processes for providing customer and personal services, basic math and arithmetic skills, general knowledge of  bookkeeping. Other skills include the ability to talk to others to convey information effectively, and the ability to manage one's own time.


Course Dates

A new training program is schedule for the first Monday of every month.

Program Length

One and 1/2-month program covering six weeks and 108 hours.

Session Days

Monday through Thursday.

Session Hours

Mornings: 8:30am-1pm; Afternoons: 1pm-5:30pm; Evenings: 5pm-9:30pm 


Manuals, software, study guides, and other materials and equipment all provided to successfully complete the course.

Course Outline

Weeks 1-2 

Student Orientation; Typing and Ten-Key Instruction; Basic Math, Introduction to Income Taxes, Tax Payments, Taxable Income

Weeks 3-4

Income Gains, Losses, and Credits.

Weeks 5-6

California Income Taxes and Special Tax Considerations