Accounting and Bookkeeping


Career Outlook

The improving economy has also significantly increased the demand for accounting and bookkeeping employees. As organizations become successful, they need more accounts receivable, payable, payroll and general accounting staff. These roles help ensure a company’s profitability and success. These workers are also increasingly relied upon to take on critical responsibilities, so people with these specific skills, training and experience have a competitive advantage over other clerical positions.


These entry/staff-level positions account for 74% of the office labor market and are expected to grow 14 percent over the next 10 years as the U.S. economy continues to expand and grow. With thousands of job openings all across the country, the need for entry/staff-level accounting and bookkeeping professionals remains strong in every industry. And, most importantly, the greatest number of openings will be in the small business sector where there is always great demand for these skills.


Career Security and Stability

very business, large or small, must keep track of its finances.  Owners, banks, investors, and the government require this information on a periodic basis.  Accounting and bookkeeping is not an option…it must be done.  Just ask the Internal Revenue Service.  Thus, accountants and bookkeepers can work in any industry, business, or locale...without worrying about layoffs due to changes in the economy.  Accounting and bookkeeping simply offers a solid, reliable career.


Career Advancement

A career in accounting and bookkeeping offers great potential for advancement.  You’re only limited by the strength of your individual ability, energy and initiative.  With drive and ambition, you’ll quickly take on more challenges, assume greater responsibilities, and earn more money.


 Career Compensation

Accountants and bookkeepers make good money.  But, the most exciting thing is this: there is no limit to your earning potential.  Whether you decide to work for a business or own your own business the possibility and promise of a lasting and secure future is yours.


Be Your Own Boss

Over 90% of all businesses in the United States are “small businesses”...those with fewer than 100 employees.  All of these businesses need accounting and bookkeeping services.  There is literally thousands of potential clients’ right in your area...with new ones being formed every day!  Assuming a typical average monthly charge of $350 per client, you can see that it would only take a few customers to start a nice little business of your own.

Career Education and Skills

A college degree is not required to enter the field in an entry/staff-level position. But it helps to have a high diploma and some kind of certification You need good writing and verbal communication skills and vocational bookkeeping and accounting job-training. This includes typing and ten-key proficiency, and basic knowledge of accounting concepts, debits and credits, journal entries, journals, general ledger, bank reconciliations, accounts receivable, payable, payroll, as well as software programs such as QuickBooks and Peachtree.