What are the requirements for admission?

No advanced knowledge is required. You only need to be at least seventeen and have a high school diploma and/or GED certificate. Basic keyboarding and computer skills are helpful, but not essential.

How much are the programs and can I make payments?

The Administrative Assistant program is $4,950, the Accounting and Bookkeeping program $8,500, and the Tax Preparer program is $2,250. The school offers a 24-month installment payment plan. Your monthly payment depends on the amount of money you put down. The more you invest initially, the lower the interest and monthly payment. 

Is federal financial grant or loan assistance available?

No. Federal and/or state financial assistance or loan/grant programs are not currently available.


What if I decide the program is not right for me?

A student has a right to a full refund of all charges if he or she cancels within seven business days from the date of the first class session.  In addition, students may withdraw from the program at any time after instruction has started and receive a pro-rata refund for the unused portion of the tuition less the registration fee. 


Is the school accredited?

The school is currently non-accredited. However, the school has been approved and licensed by the State of California's Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education since 2006 and our approval has been recently extended by the Bureau through August, 2020.  The Bureau's compliance standards and regulations are comparable to those of most accreditation agencies.

Is the school an authorized training provider for government agencies?

Yes. The school is currently authorized to provide job-training to eligible individuals sponsored by several governmental agencies, including the Veterans Administration (Post 911), Miliatary Spouse (*MyCAA), California State Approving Agency for Veteran Education (CSAAVE), and the federal Departments of Labor Vocational Rehabilitation.


Is the school listed on the State of California's CalJobs web site?

The school is not listed on the CalJobs web site as an authorized training provider. The CalJobs' web site address is: www.caljobs.ca.gov


Is the school a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. The school has been a continuous member of the BBB since its founding in 2006 and has regularly maintained a top rating.

How long are the programs and how are the classes scheduled?

The Administrative Assistant program is three months, 13 weeks, and 234 hours. The Accounting and Bookkeeping program is six months, twenty-five weeks, and 450 hours. Classes are held Mondays through Thursdays. Morning sessions: 8:30am to 1pm; afternoons: 1pm to 5:30pm; and evenings: 5pm to 9:30pm.

How is Your training different from other courses?

We keep it simple and relative easy with lots of practical instruction. You learn by working hands-on with real-world exercises, documents, and practice sets..

Do I need to be a math whiz to learn these skills?

No. You just need to have a good understanding of basic math plus good common sense. The program includes several basic math review sessions to improve your skills and get you comfortable working with math problems. 


How do you handle a person like me who needs individual, on-on-one attention?

Rest assured that you will receive plenty of individual instruction and supervision. Our class size is typically very small and an instructor is always there to help you along as you master the material and skills.


What kinds of material, supplies, and equipment do I need?

The training program provides everything you'll need, including  training manuals, notebooks, basic office tools-of-the-trade, supplies, manual and computerized practice sets, study guides and access to computers, software and ten-key calculators.


What if I miss a class session?  How do I make it up?

Missed sessions can be made up with homework or by coming in early and/or staying after sessions. We also schedule make-up work on Fridays when there are no classes.


Will this program prepare me for work after graduation?

Absolutely, the course is designed to teach you valuable real-world, practical job skills that will make you employable.  Employers want employees with the specific skill-sets that you learn.


What proof do you have that the program really works?

Since the school opened we have trained several hundred students who are making their mark as valued employees. Our graduating rate has averaged is in the mid-80% range and our job placement rate is in the mid-60% range.


Do you offer job placement?

Although we do not have a formal job placement department, our mission is to get you working. We maintain a job board at the school which posts current job openings that come into the school from employers, staffing agencies, and others. We also teach the students how to prepare an effective cover letter and quality resume.